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Who we are

With 15 years of experience, we operate in the mineral market with the intention of providing better conditions for exploration and export, valuing the principles of sustainability and adding value to the wealth present in mining.

Our work aims to make the small producer a great entrepreneur with exploration techniques that do not degrade the environment, making their production develop in a sustainable way and respecting the environment. Make the small producer develop a more profitable operation, generating income, wealth and employment, demystifying the negative image that is sometimes reported by the media.

In small and medium-sized companies, we work in prospecting markets, especially China, India and Europe, looking for ways to add value to the ore and the miner, without airing the product on the market, establishing a direct bridge between the producer and the final consumer.

Another fundamental point is to advise the producer so that he can get the most out of his ores, especially the tailings present which are often environmental liabilities, our area of work is to follow a fundamental rule in mining, where ore pays ore cost . This can be a way to minimize mine operating expenses and costs, making them more profitable and at the same time not polluting the environment. This is also done by us.

We believe that it is possible to unite mining with the social, so we develop projects, ideas and suggestions, in addition to strategic planning so that the company has social marketing, reaching families where mining is located, making society see that the Mining's interest goes beyond financial gain, but is also concerned with the well being of its residents.

Our company understands that in order to be successful in mining processes in terms of quality, we must be concerned with all production processes, especially ore analysis, which must be preceded by sample preparation and sampling, so we have experience in training of teams for the process that aims to establish the quality of the ore to be exported.

One of the great difficulties for producers is the presentation of their projects to investors, many have no experience when it comes to exposing their ideas and riches from their mines, either to banks or investors. Our company has experience in presenting mining projects, lectures or forums with the intention of conveying an idea.

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